Reaction to Zadie Smith Discussion

I felt that the discussion about Zadie Smith and her opinions about social media was really interesting.  I found the discussion about “Online Language” to be very interesting.  Since my family is spread out around the country we use social media like Facebook to keep in touch.  We are constantly sending each other messages on Facebook because it gives an almost instantaneous way to communicate.  Since we communicate online we all use online language like “LOL” and “IDK.”  

I’ve noticed that I have become particularly reliant on “LOL.”  My family likes to jokingly insult each other.  We go back and forth and take jabs at each other.  Nothing is ever meant to be offense or personal.  It is all done in jest.  It is difficult however, to get that to come through with a message sent on Facebook.  I find myself placing “LOL” at the end of statements that I mean to be jokes so that the person I’m talking to knows that I am not trying to be offensive.  This demonstrates the danger of online communication.  There is no way to read someone’s face or body language to understand when someone is kidding or trying to be offensive.  It is scary that we have become reliant on “online language” when it barely existed 10 years ago.  

The other thing that I found interesting during our discussion was the idea that the mass media is independent of government but is totally dependent on advertisements to make money.  I certainly agree with this idea.  The mass media really does not have anyone controlling it, which is both a positive, and a negative.  I do not think that parts of the media like social media would be as popular if the government had a significant amount of control over it.  

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