Zadie Smith Reaction

In class we discussed Zadie Smith’s “Generation Why” and I agree with many of the point Smith made in regards to social networks. Before we had a discussion in class and before I read this article I didn’t really understand just how much we as a society depend on technology and social medias as a form of communication. One ideal that stuck to me the most was the usage of “Online Language”. The use of online language always reminds me of a conversation I had with my mom in the beginning of high school. She told me that text messaging and instant messaging would hinder our generation because we don’t type in complete sentences. She went on to say that texting and instant messaging was detrimental to my writing because I wrote the way I would speak. Online language like “BRB”, “OMW” AND “LOL” are some examples of shorthand that are used often. Although online language is used on facebook, I use it to keep in touch with my family who is back in Los Angeles. I use to Facebook on a daily communicating back and forth with my mom using online language; which is interesting because now my mom tries her hardest to keep with the latest trends and sayings when before she became a user she was against them.

During our discussion in class we all had similar experiences in regards to the use of social media. I didn’t realize how much we allow social medias to consume our everyday lives. Personally, I know I consistently update my facebook multiples throughout the day or check my twitter newsfeeds. I don’t know how many hours a week I spend on facebook and I never noticed the advertisements on the side. I probably have never noticed them or paid any attention to them because I wouldn’t purchase anything but it is interesting to know that’s how money is being made. Everything has its pro’s and con’s so while the use of social medias can suck us all in into being robots and creating profiles it is also used for business and is very successful for marketing.

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