Example of Participatory Journalism

After our discussion about participatory journalism in class, I realized that this type of journalism is very common. Something else that I found to be interesting was that almost everything open to the public is considered to be this type of journalism. We briefly spoke about AMC and how it has transitioned into something completely different in recent years. As we stated, much of this is due to shows such as Mad Men andĀ  Breaking Bad. Although I have never watched either of these shows I am a fan of the Walking Dead. I watch it every week and even watch the Talking Dead which comes on after each new episode to discuss the show.

After we discussed this new type of journalism, I automatically thought of my boyfriend who reads blogs, spoilers, and forums about the Walking Dead. I find it really interesting that these websites I tease him about reading are actually considered participatory journalism.

One of the websites he consistently follows is called “Spoil the Dead.” Up until now, I have never read any of these websites, but I decided to look into this one and was surprised. Not only does this website have spoilers, but it also has blog discussions, and forums concerning the show and the characters.



On the home page, there are categories including: Speculation, Spoiler Discussion, Cast and Crew, General Show Discussion, Character and Relationships, and Episode Discussions.

This website is a great example of how something can be tailored to a person’s interests in more recent years of media. This one website holds such a variety of different things for someone who is interested in The Walking Dead. The spoilers are usually given by people who go to the sets to observeĀ and then discuss what they saw. This then allows people to come together and discuss something they are passionate about and interested in with great ease.

I think this type of journalism is incredibly unique even though it may not be completely reliable all the time.


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