Solution vs Slavery

How do you prevent bias from leaking into the media? This generation’s demand for information fast and free is quickly diminishing the paid subscription model, forcing companies to rely solely on advertising. This reliance on advertising leaves content in a place where it can be easily compromised. What the public sees is what the money says it will see. But what if there wasn’t any money? What if reporters weren’t paid? The reporters at Huffington Post are not paid. Is this the solution we have all been looking for or is it just the product of a few profiting off of the many?

The reporters at the Huffington post write about whatever they deem important, not what they believe will make them the most money, because there isn’t any money to be made. This phenomenon allows for the reporting of diverse news and information that would not be found in mainstream media.  Finally the public can easily read information that they can trust is not influenced by advertisers. New, rich, and meaningful content is in plenty on one convenient site. And yet the writers providing all of this wonderful information aren’t compensated at all for their hard work. Rather, the few executives at the top are profiting off of free labor, a fact that has caused protests and even lawsuits.

I do not believe that a few should be profiting off of the many at the Huffington Post. But I do believe the writers should remain unpaid. Being unpaid gives the writers the freedom to cover issues they might otherwise not be able to cover at another media outlet. Also, the exposure writers will achieve on the Huffington Post can lead to other business opportunities. Volunteer writers will keep the news pure and untainted by advertising, something the public desperately needs during the age of corporations and big business.


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