Wikipedia as an Alternative Journalistic Source.

This week, as my alternative journalism source I picked what I think is the most obvious and possibly largest form of participatory journalism: Wikipedia. Wikipedia has become such a revolutionary form of providing and receiving information. It has changed the way, that we the consumers can influence the news in the sense that any reader has the ability to edit information which is participatory journalism at its peak.
Wikipedia is different from other sources of mainstream media first of all because of how it is funded. A few months ago, whenever you opened up a Wikipedia page to check whatever form of random news you wanted to check that day. A yellow bar appeared at the top of your screen. It contained a message from Wikipedia asking for donations fromĀ its readers. It claimed to be a nonprofit site and as such they did not have any government funding to back them up.Image

The fact that Wikipedia is sometimes publicly funded, works to their advantage and prevents them from developing biases as they are just able to state the facts and maintain a neutral point of view which Wikipedia prides itself on.

Core Wikipedia pages are written by volunteers all over the world which help to bring a type of diversity to the site in the sense that it is not a website with a strict nationalistic viewpoint.
Personally, I think Wikipedia is able to have such a huge influence because not only are they unbiased but they present clear facts which definitely work to their advantage.

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