Participatory Journalism

When I think of the national media the first channel that I think of is CNN.  A lot of people look to them for information and news regarding international events.  CNN is a major source of information for other smaller news stations.  I often see news report that indicate that the information was obtained or first reported by CNN.  They are a major player in the “News Market.”

In class we discussed several different types of journalism.  The one that stuck out to me was participatory journalism.  I think that it is an extremely interesting concept.  I think it is interesting because participatory journalism is marked by bias.  The person that is engaged in participatory journalism would presumably have some interest in the topic which they are reporting on.  There bias would come into play in the media they produce.  

This is why I was surprised that CNN has its own website dedicated to participatory journalism.  CNN has something called CNN iReport where they encourage viewers to post about stories that they feel are important.  They give the people an opportunity to post stories that they feel are important.  The iReport website says that the stories posted are not reviewed or edited by CNN unless they are chosen to be put on the news.

This is interesting because CNN seems to be opening itself to issues here.  Although the website says that CNN  is not responsible for the stories posted on the site it is still a part of the CNN brand.  CNN is in the title.  People are going to associate these stories to CNN even if they are false, which would not be CNN’s fault.  

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