Malcolm Gladwell

In Malcolm Gladwell’s “Small Change”, he discusses social activism  tactics in the 1960’s, compared to social activism tactics in todays society. Years ago, tactics were as simple as word of mouth. Students from A.T.&T. protested and joined their fellow classmates not because they saw it on twitter and followed along, but simply because they got word on what was going on, and stood up for their rights in a peaceful way. He is right in the sense that people rely on social networking a little too much today. I think people rely on social networking way to much in todays world. People may not know what really is going on in the world because they have zero involvement in terms of watching the news or simply following news that goes on in another country. They might however see a retweet from a friend that has some knowledge on a situation or crisis in another country and suddenly become a know-it-all-expert on the situation because they tweet something about it. Twitter definitely helps get the word out. I have personally found things out through twitter. But how did the person I found something out from on twitter find it out? Did they see it on twitter too? And that person from twitter? Where does the main source come from? Who knows…


  1. I agree that solely relying on social networking sites for information is dangerous and can lead to unreliable information. I do believe it can also spread validated information, for example the reposting of a link to a major new sources. Recently I became aware of an armed gunman on the loose in my neighboorhood through Facebook. The post told people in my neighborhood to stay indoors and linked us to a credible new source that provided more information. Had that news source not been provided though, I would have been skeptical about such a post since there are not many armed gunman on the loose in my small upstate town.

  2. I agree that people in today’s society rely heavily on social networks. I also get a lot of my “news” from twitter which makes me question the source, but not enough to stop relying on it.

  3. I do admit that to a certain point, we can always doubt whether what we see online is true or not. But regardless of that, social media is a fast and effective way to spread the word about something, especially if it involves a large amount of people.

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