Malcolm Gladwell

In Malcolm Gladwell’s “Small Change: Why the revolution will not be tweeted” he makes the argument that collective action will bring about real change. He argues that we seem to be deviating away from what has worked in the past. He brings out that although “activist were once defined by their causes, they are now defined by their tools.” I agree with previous posts from fellow classmates who discussed the effect technological advancements have had on the ability to come together as one and stand up for a greater cause. It’s true that technology has paved the way for a quick and easier way to spread information. However, I also agree with Gladwell. I think that we have to take into consideration the fact that we live in different times. Many today lack motivation, especially those who rely solely on the Internet to receive information and react to problems that are going on around the world. Technology has definitely made life easier, but I think that we are so accustomed to rely on it, that we miss the bigger picture. In class we spoke about the fact that people hide behind the Internet and technology; posting about problems and situations that make them upset and that they want to change. It’s safe to say that you can only hide behind a computer screen for so long. Yes, social media can help spread the word about a problem, but at some point someone has to stand up and cross those boundaries. Like it was mentioned before, a post can easily be ignored or scrolled over, but the physical aspect of a protest might create a wider response.

Many people that agree with Gladwell make the argument that social media does not elicit an actual sacrifice. Just like it was brought out before where some pages include posts that say “Like this if…” but people usually just scroll right past them. People can easily say “I completely support this idea and I even liked it on Facebook,’ or ‘I re-tweeted this to let everyone know,” but what action is actually being taken to do something about it? This is why I think, especially living in this digital age, both actions are necessary. Go out and physically take a stand for something you believe in and then back it up with social media, which will reinforce your ideas and beliefs. We can use the different forms of technology and communication outlets to document the things going on and hopefully call attention to the larger issue at hand; even obtaining more supporters.

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