Gladwell’s “Small Change” Commentary

Gladwell’s “Small Change” essay is an argumentative piece that saliently points new aspects of activism due to social media. Gladwell takes an analytical assessment to the occurrences in the “Twitter Revolution” and previous physical acts of activism in history. He provides clear and vivid detail most importantly in the activist roles of student protest during the civil rights movement; the actual physical danger people went through involves a much more deep, personal connection to activism itself.

Gladwell boldly points out that activism developed by means of social media can be in fact a hindrance to the act, for it encourages the members of a cause to put it off more easily. Many activism support sites are created nowadays by means of social networks and that connection, Gladwell points out, is prone to be weak and allows for an emotional detachment to occur more easily.

I am in accordance with the emotional detachment that social networks can provide for the average supporter. For many times in my experience have met and seen community service clubs with thousands of members on a Facebook page, but too few actually work and become involved in the process of helping the poor in their habitats.

The actual communication and relation that individuals have to a cause is what enables them to support it and expand it. As Gladwell continues to describe in a narrative perspective the challenge and physical danger that students faced during early civil rights movement protests, he points out that physical involvement and authentic connection to a cause is the best way to approach activism.

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