On the Media’s “Technology is making us ‘Smarter than you think’”

I want to comment on the section from On The Media’s podcast this week that was called “Technology is making us ‘Smarter than you think’”. The fifteen minute clip was talking about how new technology is affecting people’s intellect nowadays.

One of the things it mentioned was “multiples,” which is basically when people have the same idea at the same time, but they are neither together nor even know about the existence of the other person. The way this concept is applied to new technology is that through social media, people are able to express themselves and find other people with whom they share interests and ideas.

I found it funny when they started talking about how social media has made society become more shallow, but then Clive Thompson (journalist, author of “Smarter Than You Think: How Technology Is Changing Our Mind for the Better”) said that society was shallow even before Facebook or any other social media was available to them. I agree with this because social media hasn’t created a shallow society; it just seems that way because of the significant amount of invasion of privacy that there is nowadays.

Finally, Thompson also mentioned how new technology is good because it “push[es] us into new types of thinking that are productively useful.” Like I mentioned before, by using social media, we connect with other people and those ideas that are just beginning to form can become realities thanks to connected thinking, or social thinking.

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