We Are The Millers

We are the Millers is a recently released movie that makes fun of obvious stereotypes and how they affect the ease or trouble of crossing the border. The main character David Clark is faced with the task of smuggling drugs from Mexico over the border into the U.S. In order to complete this task David gets a makeover and hires people to play his family after one of the kids in his building told him that he “looked like a total drug dealer”. This rouse works, the clean-cut Caucasian happy looking family of four wearing festive sombreros, easily pass over the border, with literally an RV’s worth of Marijuana. This scenario obviously seems a little ridiculous but would you stop a happy Caucasian family with easily pronounceable names or would you stop the Muslin man in the car behind them? After listening to NPR this week I believe border patrol would not be stopping “The Millers”.

The racial profiling does not only upset me because it disgraces Muslims, or because it makes them feel like second class citizens, but because I feel it is dangerous on many levels. By allowing this type of racial profiling to continue we are saying that it is okay. The majority of us may not care because we can easily get over the border without a problem. But what happens if one day we are not “The Millers”, what our profile becomes the targeted one, then is it okay? No, it’s dangerous.

Another danger presented to me is while endless amounts of time are being spent interrogating people solely based on a racial profile, people who are actually committing crimes, or could be potentially dangerous, who may not look like a criminal in the eyes of border patrol, can be entering the country. Some serious regulation needs to be done at the border. Protocol that is conducive and effective must be establish and reported to citizens of the United States. We have a right to know our rights; we have a right to come home, and we have a right to be protected from harm, no matter what the harmful person looks like.

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