“Hacking the New York Times, Tweeting Revolutions..”

I chose to listen to “Hacking the New York Times, Tweeting Revolutions, and More” from On the Media. I have only heard people mention this instance briefly in conversation, but I was never completely aware of what exactly happened. It is crazy that such well-known companies such as the New York Times have been hacked. Personally, I am not very good with computers, so this seemed almost impossible. However, they then go on to say that hackers from China were accessing g-mail accounts (which is what I use). We have recently been discussing which sources can be trusted on the internet. This makes me even more uneasy with having a lot of my personal information on the internet. 

The woman from the NYT who was being interviewed basically said they came forward with the fact they were hacked in order to educate people. She then goes on to say that this is always going to happen. “If you lock the window, they’ll come through the door..” This was one example that left me feeling uneasy about the internet, but I think that whoever uses the internet puts their privacy at risk no matter what. 


  1. It’s crazy to me that people get away with this especially hacking large companies like the NY times. Someone tried to hack into my email account, but google was very good at notifying me where the person was hacking from and at what time. Its insane to see that someone across the country is trying to hack into our accounts. I don’t think they will ever actually stop hackers, we provide to much of our information on the internet. Like what she said “if you lock the window, they’ll come through the door.”

  2. The thought of someone hacking into my information via Internet is scary since most of our private information is on these online accounts. Hearing that the NYTimes has had hackers creates an awareness of what information we put online. I agree with Brittany and Laura in that these hackers will never stop since our information is virtual; these hackers have the knowledge and are using it to their advantage.

  3. I agree that if we use the internet we automatically put our privacy at risk. Still seeing that such a large corporation in such a venerable position is frightening to the everyday person! I just hope that I am not interesting enough for someone to take the time to hack my profiles and accounts.

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