On the Media – Something is going to happen in 7 days

I listened to On the Media’s “#1 – Something is going to happen in 7 days,” and for the first three to four minutes, I was submerged in the suspense created in the podcast. The clip was talking about a YouTube channel that was created about three years ago that showed how to pronounce certain words in English. The video began changing though, and began “issuing ominous warnings.” For example, he began a countdown, saying that something would happen in something days and the people who watched these videos began thinking that the government was watching them, that there was about to be a terrorist attack, or that someone knew something important and was trying to come through to them.

A reporter found out about these videos and decided to investigate and find out who was behind them and what it was all about. And it turns out, the videos were just making a reference to Battlestar Galactica, a tv show. There was nothing to worry about! But with the Snowden drama this summer, people are ready to think about the worst possible outcome, no matter how crazy it sounds.

This kind of reminds me of H.G. Wells and his radio drama episode called “War of the Worlds,” where everybody thought that they were being indeed attacked by aliens and even began packing their things and trying to run away as fast as they could.

So this makes me question the human mind. Are we really that bored about our reality that we are prone to believe anything we hear? Do we just want a little more drama in our lives? 

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  1. I really like that you mentioned War of the Worlds! That relates perfectly with the podcast you chose to listen to. I think that humans are too gullible, especially when it comes to something like a conspiracy.

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