You’ve Won…a fake review

I have always been taught to be weary of the validity of the internet. Don’t talk to strangers even if they seem nice, don’t click on links that say “You’ve Won!”, because the only thing you will win is a virus, and don’t give out too much personal information. What I hadn’t realized was that there were parts of the internet I trusted without a second thought.

This weeks On the Media informed me that companies are paying people for fake reviews on sites like Yelp. Now I am not saying I automatically trusted every review, but I at least thought they were real! Just like I assumed videos on Youtube were sent in by real everyday people until On the Media burst that bubble too. And now after reading another classmate’s blog post I was informed that people buy Twitter followers. Really? People buy followers. Buy followers. I would never look at the amount of someone’s Twitter followers and think “hmm I wonder if this person is really liked or if these followers were bought”. There are just some parts of the internet I accepted as true.

Although I like to be informed, I kind of don’t at the moment. All this information is really frightening. Things I didn’t even know I trusted I can no longer trust. I now find myself questioning literally everything. What is the true intention behind what we find on the internet? We have been lead to believe that people now have more of a say with the power of the internet and social media, but now it seems that most of the “real” things we see on the internet are simply artificial creations.

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