The End of an Era?

Any show that has the power to make Americans boycott Facebook, hide from Twitter, and spend long car rides in complete silence rather than have the latest episode spoiled for them is a pretty powerful thing. And then there are those who rush to Facebook, Twitter, blogs and more to discuss and analyze every aspect of the show. Breaking Bad ended this past Sunday, and it is clear that more than 8 million people are going to miss the show, but PJ Vogt argues that the culture Breaking Bad created will be missed even more.

Although I myself am not a diehard fan of Breaking Bad I am not only aware of the show but am aware of its huge fan base. I often came across Facebook posts about the show. One friend wrote “My life now is measured in time left until the next episode of Breaking Bad”, on this past Sunday night I saw several people repost a smoky green image with the words “All bad things must come to an end”. By watching Breaking Bad people became part of a culture, a culture with inside jokes and references, and a culture that filled each person with a certain amount of anticipation each week. This culture did not end with the show. People are still talking about the finale and are mourning together over the loss of their favorite show.

With the loss of Breaking Bad I wonder which show will take its place. Will culture of Breaking Bad disperse into several different shows are will the majority carry over together into one new show? Any predictions?

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