Fake Reviews?

After listening to On the Media, the section I found very interesting was the “Fake online review.” I am an avid online shopper and before I make a purchase I always look at the product reviews. However, it never crossed my mind that someone would post a fake review. I rely on reviews, especially if I am looking for a restaurant to go to. Most of us do not step foot in a restaurant with out researching online. I never even thought someone would actually post a fake review, what’s the point anyways. What came as a shock to me is that nineteen companies were paying for fake reviews on sites like Yelp and google. How can we ever trust a site if we can’t distinguish from a fake or real review? It was said that about 10 to 15% of online reviews are fake. I believe until someone can actually verify reviews for their validity, online reviews will soon be seen as a non credible source.

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