On the Media Response

The part of this weeks On the Media that struck me was the segment on Obamacare.  Being from Massachusetts the Obamacare debate has not been in the forefront of politics because health care reform was passed years ago that requires every resident to have health insurance.  For that reason I have not seen any of the various advertisements that the show talks about.  The ads purchased by Republicans that were described bother me.  It is perfectly acceptable for Republicans to disagree with the idea of Obamacare but the way in which they are going about protesting it do not seem right to me.  These ads seem more like propaganda than advertisements.  I understand that advertisements often times have elements of propaganda but these seem to be full fledged propaganda.  I also find it interesting that these republican ads act as if Obamacare is still being debated and is not already law.

To me this is more like a public relations battle than anything else.  I feel like both sides have made mistakes.  The democrats should never referred to healthcare reform as Obamacare because it instantly becomes a democrat vs. republican thing.  The republicans mistake is that they are not acknowledging that healthcare reform is law.  

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