Meme Frenzy


Memes have taken over the internet. One any given day I can check my Facebook and find at least a dozen on my news feed. Memes are popular are so popular because they are both funny and relatable. They have to power to address serious issues in a lighthearted way that many people are drawn too. There are some people on Facebook who make strong stands, but this can cause conflict between people with opposing views. An internet meme allows people to take a stand or state an opinion in a less serious way, in a joking way so as not to cause Facebook drama. The meme above addresses the issue of body image and how women often feel they need to fit into a particular size, shape, or look.

Internet memes contain components of manifestation, behavior, and ideal. The meme above addresses the ideal that women are supposed to look a certain way, particularly have that desirable hour glass shape. Using humor this meme asserts that women can still be beautiful, even have an hourglass shape…with a few extra minutes, meaning a women might not be as thin as thin women the media throw our way but they can still be beautiful. The women in the meme behaves humorously¬† holding up a dress that looks like it was made for square people and is winking to suggest that the dress is what is wrong in society not her body, she knows her body is still beautiful and that she is beautiful.¬† We know she is shopping in the extra large section because of the sign in the background, and even though her hips exceed the perimeters of the dress she is still portrayed as beautiful.

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