Sexy or Nah?



As a social bug, I am usually on some type of social media at least 3-5 times a day. While I am browsing through these social networks I see all different types of memes. Whenever I am on Facebook I see dozens of different types of memes throughout my newsfeed. I am not sure when memes came about but they have become very popular. I like how memes are versatile because they can be comical and funny or build awareness and relative to everyone in some way. With a simple picture and a few words memes are able to address any type of issue both good and bad that can draw the attention of any audience.

 I happen to come across this specific meme on Instagram and it caught my eye. In a society, where beauty is defined by body image, I was excited to see what this meme represents. The meme above addresses the ideal that women should look a certain way. For example, the hourglass shape has been the desired shape of women. The goal to achieve this image has led to eating disorders and low self-esteem for those who try to fit in with societies’ approval. By comparing and contrasting two pictures, this meme addresses a serious issue on a lighter note and embraces the ideal that women can still be beautiful and sexy without having to be thin and skinny.  Overtime, media has begun to embrace full figured women to a certain extent but there are still women out there who are trying to achieve what society believes is beautiful. Besides the fact that many memes are comical, I appreciate how they can address serious issues on a lighter note. Personally as a woman who is not skinny or thin, it is encouraging to see a representation of a woman who looks like me having confidence and being called “sexy”. Although I embrace my thickness, I dance to stay in shape and try to eat healthy. I have realized that I was made the way that I am and I don’t feel the need to try to fit in.

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