Gordon Ramsay

Memes have become a very common thing on the Internet; so much, that we’re used to seeing them around and understand exactly what they mean. Before I started writing this blog, I had a hard time choosing which meme I wanted to talk about because they’re so many and they mean so many different things! But then I decided to use the one about Gordon Ramsay.

In the meme, Gordon Ramsay is always screaming at the chefs in his kitchen for doing something wrong. However, it’s funny because of how exaggerated the quotes are. For example, “This sauce is so cold…it can stop Global Warming,” “You’ve put so much ginger in this…it’s a Weasley!” and “The pork is so raw…it’s still singing ‘Hakuna Matata!’”


The reason why I love this meme so much is because I think it’s so funny when he loses his temper on Hell’s Kitchen, and this meme basically sums it up!

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  1. I am so glad you posted this meme. I love Hell’s Kitchen and always thought that they could make memes from the things he says on that show. This is a great meme.

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