Internet Memes

Memes are made up of ideas and concepts that can
be left open to interpretation to the public. It is defined as
a piece of culture, or a joke that gains influence and popularity throughout the
Internet. Patrick Davison reveals that in comparison to offline jokes, “the
speed of transmission is no longer limited by the movement of individuals, and
the form of the joke is presented by a medium, not memory. Memes can be
replicated into many different forms and contexts. There are three components to
a meme. The manifestation of a meme is the observable component of a meme; the
picture or text you see. The behavior is the action taken by an individual. It
is the reflection of its nature as an open source. Lastly, the ideal is the
concept or idea that is being conveyed. Memes are mainly user generated and
social media is making it easier to create and replicate them. Memes have a
sarcastic feel to them. Some of them reveal situations that people can relate
to, others poke fun at a particular group of people, or situation, and many
reveal thoughts people may have, but never say. All of these aspects are what
makes it funny and thus popular enough to circulate around the Internet. One
popular meme that you find circulating the Internet is the Unhelpful
Teacher meme. This is popular because many students can relate to situations
like those depicted in the meme.


  1. You’re right! One reason why memes have become such a huge deal is because people can relate to them. For example, I got annoyed by just reading this meme because it’s true! It happens!

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