Mediated Mobilization

When I was trying to come up with an example of a lesser known example of mediated mobilization I had a hard time, then I remembered something that happened in high school.  During the fall of my senior year the Westboro Baptist Church announced that it was going to come and picket outside of my high school.  The Westboro Baptists are the group best known for protesting just about everything.  They seem to have issues with everyone including homosexuals.  They decided to come to my school because it was one of the first high schools in the country to have a Gay Straight Alliance club.  When word reached the student body there was a flurry of social media activity.  Eventually there was a facebook group created that was about essentially having a protest to their protest.  The group told everyone to get to school 10 minutes early and stand in front of the school with a white shirt and jeans on.  On that morning I would say 90% of the student body and a lot of the faculty were standing there.  It was extremely powerful and it was brought about by social media.

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