Mediated Mobilization

Mediated mobilization has to do with the idea of using different mediums as a site of social action and change. It involves the distribution of power in societies to mobilize movements and organize people to work together as active participants. New media technologies allow people to easily access information and each other as they organize these movements. The Direct Democracy Now! is a movement that began when a group in Greece protested a plan that called for higher taxes and less government spending in an effort to fix the Greek debt crisis. A majority of the protests were organized through social media, especially Facebook, which is why it received the nickname “May of Facebook.” The movement formed by citizens was created as a way to exchange ideas and show the disagreement they had with the current political powers. Social media was used to spread the word. People organized these demonstrations through the use of these sites. Online social networks provide an alternative way to interact based on shared interests and political opinions. It allows participants to gain access to mobilizing information and then join the movement. This type of mobilization allows people to come together as one voice to achieve their social, cultural, and political aims. Collectively identifying with one common goal or belief unites people into taking action. 

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