Mediated Mobilization: On a Local Level

This past weekend my cousin posted on her Instagram a picture of a young boy who had gone missing in Queens a few days before. The young boy was the brother of a guy she had gone to high school with. Her caption under the picture asked people who knew any info on the young boy to give her a call or call 911. Originally when I saw the photo I just thought how said and upsetting it must be for the family.
Later that day, I saw the same photo pop up on my Facebook newsfeed with a message asking anyone who has any information to step forward also with details on how to help with the search.
And just yesterday a link came up on my newsfeed to a website that allowed for people to donate money to the cause of helping find this boy (see link below)
Although this is not mediated mobilization on a national level, its still an example on a more local level. People’s social media sites are being blown up with this young mans picture, and chain status’ that say ” comment with any information to help find missing Avonte Oquendo.

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