Some things are only funny online.

For my meme assignment, I have decided to discuss the meme posted below. This meme is about a black man with a dated 1970’s cuff and a laughable but serious expression on his face. On the meme is written, “If you die on me bitch, I’ll kill you.” I realize that this meme uses a swear word and I apologize to anyone it may offend but that will further help the point I am trying to prove.

I would like to begin with the characteristics of this meme. First of all, what makes this meme funny? The fact that the man’s attire is already a joke and that he says he will kill his lady friend if she dies. That is hilariously ironic, as he wouldn’t have to kill her if she was already dead. It shows a man who takes himself way too seriously and ends up contradicting himself, that is the kind of person every human being has had an experience with, which aids in the funniness of this meme.

The manifestation of the text of the meme is in typical meme fashion meaning it can be changed to say several other things. This one man is stereotyped as the “jealous black man meme” with several of his memes floating on the Internet such as “the only other men my wife should talk to are the father, the son and the holy spirit.”

I chose this meme because I think it encapsulates meme culture in the sense that, in a real life setting, this would be an uncomfortable topic. Here is a man calling his female counterpart a derogatory term as well as threatening abuse, these types of things are never funny. Unless they are on the Internet of course.

N.B I did not want to post this meme directly on the website because of the expletive used, however here is the link below.


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