Talk to Me, Siri

I recently went to the movie theater and during the previews I saw the trailer for “Her,” which is based on a man falling in love with his Siri-like personal assistant. I was shocked that people throughout the world have built and formed relationships with Siri and their devices. Personally I don’t use Siri because I find her to be annoying and not as helpful, I much rather use Safari to find out information.

Genevieve Bell, an anthropologist and Director of User Experience and Research at Intel, states that humans aren’t just interacting with their devices these days, they’re forming relationships with them. It’s true. We walk with them in our hands, sleep with them at night and use them while in the restroom. Our mobile devices are part of us.


Relationships with artificial intelligence reminded me of “Smart House,” a 1999 Disney Movie based on a computerized house that begins to take on a life of its own. I remember as a child thinking this idea of artificial intelligence was out of this world, but this is our reality. We have this artificial intelligence built into our mobile devices and now people are building relationships with them. I just can’t seem to wrap my head around forming a relationship with something that isn’t physically real or human.


  1. I agree with Brittany, “Smart House” was a good example of how people form relationships with their mobile devices. It’s actually sad to see how we are all so wrapped up in our devices.

  2. I totally agree with you. I never thought of putting Siri and “Smart House” together but it really is a great comparison.

  3. I agree with both Brittanys and would just like to add that I loved the movie Smart House as a kid. It’s interesting looking back and thinking that something like this would never happen, but it really is becoming more of a reality with all the new technological advancements.

  4. I remember this movie!! As a little kid I use to wish my house was like the “smart house” up until the house malfunctions! Another movie that recently came out is Parental Guidance that also uses a “smart house,” not to the extent of his movie but the house is a consistent antagonist. It’s really funny to look back at the 90’s and recall what was considered to be “high tech” back then is basic technology for us in 2013.

  5. Smart House…that brings back memories but looking back it was actually a very interesting social commentary on the power of technology. If I remember correctly, the family that wins the Smart House is without a mother, and the smart house starts acting like their mother to the point where the house’s AI get’s attached to the family and get’s angry when they want to be independent. It’s interesting because I’ve always thought about people becoming attached to technology but never thought about technology becoming attached to people. I just had a vision of 40 years into the future when a Facbeook robot knocks on my door and wants to hang out…

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