I found the section from On the Media about Wiki Leaks was really interesting.  I have seen a lot of commercials for The Fifth Estate, which is the movie that chronicles what Julian Assange.  I thought that it was really interesting to hear from someone who used to work for Wikileaks.  I have heard a lot about Wikileaks but have never heard it from the perspective of someone who worked for Wikileaks.

I also found the idea that Assange was doing what he was trying to expose really interesting.  I thought that was a really great point.  It made Asaange to look hypocritical for saying that we need to expose this information that governments believe to be too important to be publicly known.  I look forward to seeing the movie even though it may not be a great representation of what Wikileaks was really like because I will have a better idea of what it was like from listening to On the Media this week.

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  1. I listened to the same podcast and feel the same way! Assange is a hypocrite for getting upset with information going public. I mean of all people he has no right to criticize something like this when he did the same thing.

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