My Online Habits Make me a Creepy Groundhog.

My online habits are similar to those of a groundhog, I guess. When it comes to social media, I am very much of an introvert perhaps I am this way in “real life”. I like to have lunch with people but I would much rather eat by myself and that defines my Internet life.

Once in a while, I will rear my head from my groundhog hole (is that a thing?) and do the occasional tweeting, although the last time that happened was maybe a year ago.  For every social media platform I use, I use lightly. Take for example my Instagram page, I’ll post the occasional picture in which I look “socially acceptable” but you won’t see me providing daily fashion updates as to where I got my jeans (which you could probably get anywhere else).

However, what I think is most interesting about my online habits is that I’m not much of a content contributor but I definitely view it. Not so much Facebook or Twitter but with fashion blogs, Youtube and the like, I could be up till my limit which is around 1am just looking at other people’s pictures and generously giving out Instagram likes. Inasmuch as I dislike the chronic over-sharer, I am grateful to them because they give me something to view when Netflix and Hulu come up short. And for that I am grateful. Also, I am very aware this essay makes me sound like a creep, but aren’t we all?



  1. Ha! I love the creepy groundhog metaphor. The metaphor I usually use is Facebook Ninja. My boyfriends dad is on Facebook and never posts a thing but like you he reads everything. This can be tricky because his kids will forget he’s watching and post about the money they wasted on a purchase.
    Keep being a creepy groundhog, it gives you an edge.

  2. I like Nendir’s response on how she compares herself to a groundhog when it comes to social media. It’s great to see that she uses these social media platforms “lightly” unlike the rest of us. She has set herself away from the crowd by not following these patterns of constantly using social media.

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