I will admit that I am on the internet a lot, especially when I am bored. I have Facebook, twitter, and instagram. These apps have definitely consumed my life, sometimes I don’t even realize that I have been on the internet for hours and not doing anything productive, usually I am looking at pictures or online shopping.  I definitely try not to be “always-on,” especially when I am with friends or out to dinner. I particularly hate it when I am trying to have a conversation with a friend and they are to busy texting. It’s nice to put away all of our tech devices once in a while and see what is going on in the real world and I bet you will accomplish more things!

Facebook, I only use to post pictures and see what others have posted. Sometimes I think about deleting my account, but I can never go through with it. I use twitter to post what I am doing throughout the day. I will also admit that I like to follow celebrities. What’s great about twitter is that celebrities will some times interact with you. If you follow a celebrity, you can comment on something they do or  they may follow you back. Instagram, I am kind of obsessed. I am one of those that always post pictures. I like to see other peoples pictures, and I like sharing mine with other people.

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  1. I know we all would like to think that these apps aren’t consuming our lives, but sometimes we just can’t help it! I do the same thing when I’m online looking at pictures or doing online shopping, but I try to draw the line at using my phone when friends are trying to have a conversation with me. I agree that it is really annoying when you’re talking to someone and they claim that they are listening even though they are texting.

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