Semester Project

For my semester project I have created a blog focused on providing advice on how to get through the toughest parts of Thanksgiving: family, food, travel, money, time, and the day after, Black Friday.

I will begin working on the blog on the twenty sixth of September and make a weekly post every Thursday until Thanksgiving. Below is a tentative schedule of postings. During the semester I hope to address how to handle holiday stress, recipes for those with allergies, time management, recipes for vegetarians, travel advice, ways to give back during the holidays, unique gifts to buy on Black Friday, and a survival guide to Black Friday shopping.

September 26: Set up Blog

October 3: Your In-Laws & Drunk Uncle Jerry in one day!? How to keep calm around the holidays

October 10:  Gluten-nut-dairy Free: Delicious recipes that won’t upset your allergies

October 17: Family, Friends, & Food, OH MY! A host’s guide to time management

October 24: A Vegetarian Thanksgiving from Start to Finish

October 31: Turkey Day Travel: How to survive the busiest travel time of the year

November 7: Thanksgiving & Giving Back

November 14: Unique Gifts to pick up on Black Friday

November 21: Black Friday or Black Eye? How to save money without needing to be saved

Here is a link to check out my blog as it progresses: http://cruzk2013.wordpress.com/


  1. I love your semester project! I like how organized you’ve been about your blogs and how you weave personal stories with tips that anyone can relate to!

  2. What a great idea you chose for a semester project, so relatable! I love how you focused on providing advice and how to get through it. I really loved how you brought up your own family drama because so many people can really relate to what you are feeling during the holidays!

  3. I really appreciate your organization, its quite the inspiration actually. I also agree with brittany that it is a relatable topic and your advice is great. One thing that I liked was the comedy you intergrated in it that made it interesting and made me want to know the outcome. I look forward to seeing hearing more about the “Queens” !

  4. Your idea for your project is great! I really like how you have incorporated your personal stories into it and also changed the direction of your project based off of your own experiences with the topic.

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