Always On

(I am a little late with the Always On post, but I figured better late than never)

I am always online, whether it be for work, school or to catch up on my social media sites. A few weeks ago I realized how bad my online lifestyle had become. I had been on my computer looking through my Facebook feed, when I realized there was nothing interesting going on I logged off and shut my laptop. About 5 minutes later I was bored so I picked up my phone opened my Facebook app and started scrolling through my newsfeed. When I realized that nothing had changed in the 5 minutes I hadn’t been online, I threw my phone down on my coffee table got up and walked away. At that moment I realized that the amount of time I spend mindlessly scrolling through the same pictures and post on my newsfeed during the day baffled me. So I deleted the Facebook app off my phone. And I now spend a lot less time on Facebook. ( I check it about twice a day now from a computer only!)

But this made me start thinking about how many other people use social media, or technology as a time waster just as I had been doing. We have become a society of people that are “always on”. After I realized that I had been using social media as a time waster/ distraction I began watching other people around me. There are many times that I will see my friends check Facebook or Instagram while we are hanging out because the conversation died out or we are waiting in line for sometime and then not even 10 minutes later I will catch them checking their social media sites again.  Its almost sickening to think that many of us cannot go 30 minutes without swiping our figures down our phone screens in order to refresh our newsfeeds. 

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  1. What you say is so true. I will nervously check my Facebook, check it five minutes later after boredom, check it two minutes later out of habit, and then again and again. I find I only feel satisfied if I look at my Facebook and found something interesting, then I can finally leave it alone for a while. If not I will continue to periodically check it until I do.

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