Managing the Media After Tragedy


This segment of On the Media, Managing the Media After Tragedy, was interesting to listen to. The media can greatly impact and inform society on both positive and negative levels but when is it right for victims to be in the spotlight of the media? When there is a breaking news story, for example about the Boston bombings, I had the news station on 24/7 to see if there was anything new discovered. I was eager to here from individuals that were on the scene and to know what their story was. Sometimes the media can get static if they just keep reiterating stories. However, when someone who was on the scene first hand explains what happened, how they survived and how they are coping, this allows communities to digest what truly took placed and how it affected these victims.

I also believe that victims telling their stories on the media could possibly prevent such tragedies from happening again. I don’t mean completely hindering these acts from occurring, but using the media to change the mind of the audience, to influence them to see that violence and terrorist acts aren’t tolerated. With victims of tragedy displaying their struggle and emotional roller coaster is creating awareness of their causes. I think the media can offer many benefits to victims of tragedy but it can also be difficult for them to tell their story for the world to see.


  1. I agree that the public hearing a first hand account of what happened in a tradgedy can help make it more real for the public and better be able to digest the situation. I wonder how difficult it must be for people to step into the spotlight after such a horrfic event like the Boston Bombings and what gives them the strength to do so.

  2. I definitely agree that victims telling their stories on the media can really help someone understand the situation. When the Sandy Hook shooting happened, every station on TV covered the story. I didn’t know which station to follow and what was really true. When you hear it come from a victim, the community will be able to digest what actually happened because it’s coming from a person who was actually there.

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