Working Bibliography

Below is a list of the sources I have found to help me construct my research paper.

1. The Elastic Body Image: The Effect of Television Advertising and Programming on Body Image Distortions in Young Women

By: Phillip N Meyers and Frank A. Biocca

This is an academic paper that explains the effect of advertising on the body image of women.


2. The Sexual Objectification of Women in Advertising: A Contemporary Cultural Perspective

By: Amanda Zimmerman and John Dalhberg

This is an academic paper that explains how advertising sexually objectifies women.


3. How does advertising affect women’s self esteem.

This is a blog post on Word Press that concisely explains how advertising negatively affects women’s self esteem.


4. objectificationofads.weebly.com

This is an entire website dedicated to exposing destructive advertising and explaining why advertising is so harmful to women. Weebly is a site that gives out free URLs as long as their name is included in it.


5. Killing Us Softly Four

By: Jean Kilbourne

This is a documentary that exposes how harmful advertising can be, causing low self-esteem, eating disorders, and unrealistic expectations of women.


6. Do Dove and Axe Sell the Same Message?

By: Danielle Kurtzleben

This article exposes that Dove & Axe are owned by the same company, revealing that the “campaign for real beauty” is not an indication of change in the industry but a change in strategy.


7. Depicting Women as Sex Objects in Television Advertising: Effects on Body Dissatisfaction

By: Howard Lavine, Donna Sweeney, and Stephen H. Wagner

This is an academic paper that focuses on how women are turned from people into objects, particularly sex objects, causing many repercussions.


8. Facebook Pages

I have recently liked several Facebook pages of companies guilty of demeaning advertisements to find out if companies change their advertising strategy over social media since they are speaking directly to their customers or if they simply keep their harmful advertising since it has proven to work. I have also liked the Facebook pages of Dove and Axe to compare how different their advertising is despite the fact that they are owned by the same company.


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