Semester Project

For our semester project, Laura and I created a blog that focuses on college girls and girls who are just starting their career. Our focus is to remain fashionable on a budget. Each week we will post something different, such as beauty and DIY tips, make-up, and fashion tutorials. We post where you can buy the item and for how much. We try and find reasonable fashion items for girls who want to save!

This is our Blog Timeline, we will be adding more stuff!

    • 10/7/13: Building a wardrobe on a budget. The essentials every girl needs in their closet.  We also added Beauty tips.
    • Shoes, Clothing and Accessories
    • Beauty Tips-Basic at-home Facials,  at- home teeth whitening
    • 10/14/13: What to wear to work that still looks classy and inexpensive.
    • We found inexpensive blouses, dresses, and suits to wear to work.
    • We also used our “closet essentials” and paired outfits together
    • Beauty tips- Must have lipsticks for the fall, cheaper alternatives, the no-makeup look.
    • 10/21/13:  Halloween & Makeup
    • How to use what you have to make costumes
    • 10/28/13: Celeb inspire looks
    • 11/4/13: Holiday shopping and looks
  • here’s the link to our tumblr page  brittandlaura.tumblr.com

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