Working Bibliography

1. Does Barbie make girls want to be thin? The effect of Experimental Exporsure to Images of Dolls on the Body image of 5 to 8 year old girl

By: Helga Dittmar, Suzanne Ive, and Emma Halliwell

This is an academic article that examines a Barbie doll as a possible cause for young girls body dissatisfaction. Three main research questions were addressed and that became very helpful.

Do images of barbie have an immediate negative impact on girls’ body image? Does exposure to images of a doll with more realistic body proportions result in the same detrimental effects? Is the impact of exposure to Barbie images age related so that effects differ depending on grade level?

 2. The Influence of Fashion magazines on the body image satisfaction of college women 

By: Sherry Turner and Heather Hamilton

This is an academic article that examined the impact of exposure to fashion magazines on women’s body image satisfaction.  The study consisted of 2 groups one group of girls viewed fashion magazines and the other group viewed news magazines.

 3. Burn Fat, Build Muscle: A content Analysis of Men’s Health and Mens Fitness 

By: Magdala Peixoto Labre

This study examined the contents of articles and advertisements in two popular men’s health and fitness magazines: Mens’s Health and Men’s Fitness, in order to develop inferences regarding their potential effects on men.

 4. Elle.com

The monthly Elle Magazine is drawing criticism for it’s portrayal of November cover girl, Melissa McCarthy, who fronts the annual “Women in Hollywood” issue.

5. http://movies.yahoo.com/blogs/movie-talk/merida-disney-princess-controversial-makeover-brave-heroine-really-224924634.html

This is a article on yahoo that talked about Merida, the Disney Princess and how they redesigned  her making her appear to be thinner and sexier. Will the sudden appearance of a thinner, sexier version hurt a girls self esteem?

6. Botta, R. (1999). Television images and adolescent girls’ body image disturbance. Journal of Communication, 49(2), 22-41. doi:10.1111/j.1460-2466.1999.tb02791.x.

This article explores the impact of TV images on adolescent girls body image.

7. The Effects of Gender and Family, Friend, and Media Influences on Eating Behaviors and Body Image During Adolescence.

By: Ata Rheanna, Alison Bryant Ludden and Megan M. Lally

This article examines how gender, self-esteem, social support, teasing, and family, friend, and media pressures relate to body image and eating-related attitudes and behaviors among male and female adolescents.


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