Sources for Paper


1.)The afro as a natural expression of self by Ruth Laferla of the New York Times.


–       This article chronicles the afro as a form of self-expression not necessarily a statement


2.) Writers tackle the misconceptions of hair in the African-American Community by the Sacramento State Hornet


This article chronicles the divide in the black community as to good hair bad hair

3.)African American Environmentalist Association The brown paper bag test


This traces back discrimination amongst blacks as regards to skin colour and hair texture brown paper bag test


4.)Media effects and black hair politics by eletra Gilchrist( A scholarly article)


This scholarly article focuses on Media effects and black hair policy


5.)Black Women Worry That Their Natural Hair Could Affect Job Employment Or Retention The Huffington Post  |  By Julee Wilson


This article focuses on black hair in the work place and how it affects one’s professional life


6.)Are Afros A Political Statement Or Simply A Hairstyle? (VIDEO)The Huffington Post

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/14/afros-political-statment-or-hairstyle_n_4098817.html This article follows the time where afros were once seen as a political statement

7.)More African-American Women Are Going Natural


This explains why more black women are going natural


8.)Hair relaxer sales decline 26% over the past five years, reports Mintel

Press Release: Mintel

http://finance.yahoo.com/news/hair-relaxer-sales-decline-26-172900884.html This report follows the decline in hair relaxer sales since the natural movement began burgeoning

9.)The Threat of Generic Brands: Natural Hair-Care Companies, Black-Business Owners, and the Retail Boom

By the huffington post


This article shows how major hair companies now focusing on natural hair care because of its increased popularity.



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