Working Bibliography

1.  Sandy Hook ‘Truthers’ Harass Newtown Man, Conspiracy Theories Go Viral

By: Laura Edwins

This article discusses the conspiracy theories regarding the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting.  It focuses on a conspiracy theory involving a man named Gene Rosen who says that he took six scared children the morning of the shooting.  This article will be helpful because it talks specifically about Sandy Hook Conspiracies and also about how the Internet brought those theories to light. 

2. Sandy Hook Exposed – Fake Photo Revealed

This is a Youtube video that focuses on a conspiracy theory that one of the Sandy Hook victims was actually alive.  It is helpful because the person who made the video explains where they got their information and why they believe the shooting was a hoax. 

3. Project Sandy Hook Explained

This is a Youtube video that is from the same channel as the previous video.  It takes a look at a lot of different conspiracy theories surrounding the Sandy Hook Shooting.  It is helpful because it has a wide range of theories.  It is helpful to be able to hear someone who believes these theories explaining their rationale. 

4. ThinkOutsideTheTV

This is a Youtube channel that makes videos that are all about different conspiracies.  The events that the channel discusses are wide ranging and include the Sandy Hook shooting and 9/11.  I think it will be really helpful because it looks at so many different events and the theories associated with the events. 

5. Belief In Conspiracy Theories

By: Ted Goertzel

This is an article that analyzes people’s belief in conspiracy theories.  The article includes data from a very interesting survey given to people asking about their level of belief in different conspiracy theories.  This article will help me to better understand who believes in conspiracy theories.


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