Working Bibliography

My research paper is on how latinos have been stereotyped in the media. So far, these are the sources I’ll be using, along with personal interpretation of movies, cartoons, magazines, etc.

1. Media Feed Bias Against Latinos – Luisita Lopez Torregrosa


This article talks about how the media has created negative stereotypes around the image of “latinos.” for example, they’re all considered “mexican,” thus considering no distinctions whatsoever between latinos of different countries, even though they couldn’t be more different. And also, they’re mostly portrayed as low-income workers, dropouts and criminals.

2. N.Y. Latino Film Festival combats stereotypes in ad Campaign – Reed Johnson


NY Latino International Film Festival ads pokes fun at Stereotypes – Julia Furlan


These two articles show examples of how the latino community has responded about their portrayal in films by creating ads in which they satirized the latino stereotype.

3. Racial Stereotypes in Advertising are alive and well – Grace Bastidas


This article is about how advertising still has stereotyped depictions of Latinos.

4. Ban the Bandito! – Octavio Emilio Nuiry


This website has examples of how latinos have been used in advertising.

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