Hack Challenge

Naturally, we are all worried about our personal information being shared over the Internet, especially if we’re not the one in control of it anymore. With all the new technology that exists today, it’s making it easier for hackers to gain access of information we would like to keep private. How do we keep track of all the passwords for all the sites and accounts we have created and signed up for? Personally, I think that keeping your passwords on file is a bad idea because anyone would be able to see it. People let their friends borrow their computers and they accidentally leave their pages open when they are out in public.

This section of On the Media discussed password management apps that generate hard passwords and store them in an encrypted site. You can automatically connect to the service you are trying to enter the password in. Interestingly enough, journalist Adam Penenberg, still thinks people will be able to hack into our accounts.

I agree that it does take great skill and none of us think that we are big enough targets, but that has proven to be false. These hackers target anyone, which is why some websites require certain passwords to be a certain length and have a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols. It is very annoying that you have to keep creating long and hard to remember passwords, but if you want to ensure your privacy and control over the Internet, you have to come up with complex passwords and store them in a safe place.


  1. I agree with you, it is very annoying to keep track of all our passwords. I have changed my passwords many times because I can never remember what I put. Even coming up with complex passwords, I feel that they can still hack into your account.

  2. I agree with Ashley’s response as well. Websites that require a lengthy password including numbers and capital letters are ideal because it’s harder for a hacker to guess that password. Yet, it’s frustrating because where are we able to store these passwords without them getting into the wrong hands?

  3. I agree, I feel using any type of technology or app to create or keep track of your passwords is vulnerable. I think the only way to keep track of your passwords is to try to remember them as best you can and have them hand written and locked away in case you forget. Hackers can’t get to it if it isn’t digital.

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