Can We Take A Second Please

I feel the urge to blog about something in the media that is bothering me. Last week I blogged about the NPR segment that discussed how people turn to the media after a tragedy. Since listening to this segment I have become more aware of how the media handles the news of a tragedy…and I’m pretty upset.

Recently one of the women who was a victim of the Cleveland Kidnapping has come forward to speak about her tragedy on the Dr. Phil show. It is a very tragic story and a disturbing one. The woman’s pain and anguish is literally being broadcasted. But no where is the media providing a lesson or any type of help. No one is talking about how to avoid getting into her situation or how people can protect themselves…instead their is already talk of turning her story into a movie….REALLY! Someone spent 11 years help captive, was impregnated and miscarried 5 times, and was repeatedly abused and the first thing we are thinking is we should make a movie about it? Disgusting. Instead of thinking how can we help it’s how can we make money….again disgusting.


I also feel Governor Christie is guilty of exploiting a tragedy. If it wasn’t for Hurricane Sandy and his “stronger than the storm” commercials I doubt he would have such overwhelming support. Even his entire acceptance speech was about how well he handled the tragedy of Sandy. His entire campaign was focused on “the storm” not on his policies or how he would govern. A tragedy won him his position. I wonder when his movie is coming out….

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