We’re Looking For The Mouse

I found Shirky’s article Gin, Television, & Social Surplus very intriguing. I had never heard that there was a surplus of drinking around the age of the Industrial Revolution. I find it funny that back around the Industrial  Revolution the change was so great that people drank from a period of time before creating great thinks such as libraries and museums. Now it seems as Shirky pointed out, that Television was our gin, and we are just now starting to create something great. According to Shirky for a number of years society sat around watching television (not much more productive than sitting around drinking) and now we are starting to participate with media, and hopefully will start to create great things for society just as in the Industrial Revolution.

I do believe that participation has sparked the start of a lot of great things. More and more people are creating new and helpful things. Because the media and technology has allowed us to participate more, we are. Now people not only think of good ideas but they post and blog about them, share their ideas, collaborate on others ideas, and eventually create something new. By interacting with media instead of simply digesting it we are putting down the gin and looking for the mouse. We are picking up the mouse and using it to create something great, all of us are.

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