Social Media Reader on Surplus

In the “Social Media Reader” we encountered two essays this week that truly tap into our contemporary and past understanding and interaction of social media. The article on “Quentin Tarantino’s Star Wars” and “Gin, Television, and Social Surplus” gives the contemporary communication studies undergraduate with very condensed facts about our involvement with media due to the passage of time. The article on Star Wars talks about specific cult-followings in these specific science-fiction films, and the fans interest is enhanced by means of media; such as films, video analysis and video games.

The article brings to mind the important fact that many of the successful TV shows and literature based films all come from a cult-following, given that people invest their time in something they truly find enjoyable and they want to enhance for others to reach as well. This form of practice is what the other article attempts to bring a name for. Clay Shirky’s article targets this cult following but in a different name. She calls this form of information as surplus, all information that has been aside, but when used by individuals as more than mere surplus, information and other means can be created.

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