Star Wars

I found the piece about Star Wars and content created by fans very interesting.  I am an admitted Star Wars fan.  I have seen some of the user created content.  I think that some of it is really bad but some of it is very good.  I always assumed that the content was created without the permission of Lucas Arts.  I didn’t think that a corporation as lucrative as Lucas Arts would want the public using their content.  

I understand why they eventually moved away from allowing the public to use the content.  It makes sense for them to initially allow the public to use the content, which spreads the content that they created.  It gets word about their content out there, not that Star Wars really needed it.  When the created content becomes to popular or moves away from the values of Lucas Arts, like creating an erotic version of Star Wars, they would want to stop it so that people don’t think that they are condoning it.  I can understand why they are limiting access to content but I think it will anger fans.  

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  1. I found it surprising as well that the content was free for fans to use, I can however understand them moving away from this since Star Wars is worth so much money.

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