Media Hoax: Ashley Todd

Politics is an exceptionally sensitive topic. Just last semester, I lost a “friend” due to her highly erratic political notions and conspiracy theories. It was not a difficult parting.
Anyway, on the topic of media hoaxes, one that I was able to find was that of Ashley Todd, was a young lady who avidly supported the Republican Party, John McCain specifically. However, her ardent fervor crossed the thin line from enthusiastic to fanatic.
Two weeks before the elections in 2008, Ashley Todd reported that she had been assaulted by a 6 foot 4 black man “with shiny shoes” who decried her involvement with McCain and told her “you are going to be a Barack supporter” but not after carving a backwards “B” into her cheek. If this claim had been proven true, needless to say the McCain campaign would definitely have acquired some sympathy votes. Nevertheless, after a polygraph test and surveillance video footage, Ashley confessed she carved the “B” into her own face in the mirror which was why it was backwards.
The revelation only worsened McCain’s campaign. It is important to know that Ashley had done something like this previously when she claimed her tires were slashed because she was a Ron Paul supporter; she was kicked out of their grassroots movement.
This story is disturbing on many fronts: First, the racial stereotyping of the 6ft4 black man as violent and an Obama supporter but secondly, that for a while, a great amount of people believed it.

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