Selfies at funerals

“Selfies at Funerals’ is the last tumblr you see before you die because your body will simply shut down once it realizes it’s being forced to share the same plane of existence with the kind of people who think it’s completely normal to snap selfies at funerals and upload them to social media sites with the caption ‘love my hair today, hate why I’m dressed up’ and the hashtag “#funeral.”
This on the media article titled “In defense of funeral selfies” is shocking to me. The article is about how “Fast Company writer Jason Feifer started a tumblr called Selfies at Funerals. Feifer’s reposting selfies posted by teens on Twitter or Instagram. It’s probably worth pointing out that, in fact, most of the pictures are actually taken before a funeral or after one. With a couple exceptions, these are pictures of kids in suits or dresses, taking a self-portrait, usually in their homes.”
The article explains that there are different ways of coping and if we were truly upset about someone’s passing, we would not get dressed for the funeral but weep in “sackcloth.” I personally do not support this; I believe our society has become a place where nothing is sacred or inappropriate. Taking a selfie at a wedding is different from taking a selfie at a funeral because of the circumstance. Quite honestly, the whole thing just seems quite macabre to me.


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