DIY Academy

I thought that DIY Academy was really interesting.  In high school I had to write a 12 page senior thesis to graduate.  I chose to write about George Bernard Shaw and his portrayal of poor people.  While doing my research I used the volumes of literary criticism in the library.  It was kind of a pain to be honest.  I had to go to the library at school that was only open until 4 on the weekdays and wasn’t open on the weekends.  This made doing research frustrating because if I read an article that I didn’t use I felt as if I had wasted precious time.  That is why I really like how Manhattanville has the periodicals and scholarly journals in databases online.  I am to access them 24/7 as long as I am on campus which makes doing research so much easier.  So to me making scholarly sources go almost exclusively online is a great thing.

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