Gin, Television, and Social Surplus

While reading the section Gin, Television and Social Surplus, I have to be honest and admit that I am one of those people that are guilty of consuming their time with watching tv. I have a bad habit of sleeping with the tv on so sometimes it even watches me. iIm guessing this stemmed from being afraid of the dark as a child and I had no “night light” so Ive always slept with the tv on. Although I do watch tv often, I would say that I use my computer more often than my tv.

 This particular reading made me not only aware of my personal habits but also how many other people have this same habit of spending countless hours watching tv.  According to Clay Shirky, two hundred billion hours are spent watching television every year.  This statistic is quite ridiculous, make me wonder what the statistics are for other countless hours we spend doing nothing. This statistic alone makes me want to find better things to do with my time and not be as wasteful. I am more a movie guru than anything; I have my handful of reality series and shows I watch weekly but most of the time I miss episodes on tv with work and rehearsals so I usually watch them online but on the other hand I can lay up and watch movies all day long; even ones I’ve seen and can recite.

In my opinion I feel Shirky presents this information to readers to make us aware so that we can make a change. I agree with Shirky that television enables our society productivity. I don’t think people realize how much time we waste not just watching television but in general. When reading I had to sit back and ask myself how many hours a day am I productive besides class. Being a senior, I must say keeps me extremely busy but there is always room for improvement so I do intend to add more productive hours to my daily schedule.  

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