Semester Project: End of the Countdown

Throughout the semester I created a weekly blog post on how to survive what I believe to be the most stressful parts of Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Cruz’s Countdown to Crazy provides tips on stress management, travel advice, and provides solutions to recipe dilemmas. As I actually lived through Thanksgiving this year I found myself giving thanks for all the research I had done because as I expected the holiday was very stressful, but the research I did allowed me to get over some significant hurdles….and look, I survived!

After this year I do think a part two on how to deal with difficult family might be needed, since that seemed to be the biggest hiccup in my holiday… and may I say I am glad to have a solid three weeks before Christmas!

Creating the countdown was a really enjoyable process for me. I myself love reading quick tips that can apply to real aspects of life. Anything to make the holidays a little easier is greatly appreciated and so discovering how to make that possible and being able to share it was a very fulfilling task. My research came from a wide variety of different sources, from medical journals and other blogs to radio stations and personal advice that was shared with me. Being able to put all this great information into one organized place makes me feel like I have created something that can really help a lot of people.

So take a look! I know Thanksgiving is over but I’m sure a lot of these tips will be useful as Christmas approaches… particularly the section on dealing with family and original gifts to pick up for loved ones!

Cruz’s Countdown to Crazy

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