Semester Project

Throughout the semester Billy and I created a blog that looked at sports.  Billy is a New Yorker and I’m a Bostonian so we wanted to see if our opinions on things differed as much as we thought they would.  We agreed on way more than I ever thought that we would.  

I think the blog ended up being different than when we came up with the idea at the beginning of the semester.  I thought that it would be a mostly text based blog where we would write our opinions on different athletes.  We ended up covering a much wider amount of topics than just athletes.  We looked at different events and different teams and how they are perceived in Boston and New York.  I think that as we went along it became clear that the blog needed to be more multimedia based.  We talked about things that you really need to see to understand.  That’s when the blog started having a lot more pictures and videos.

I think this was a great experience and had a great time doing it.  We ran into a lot of issues with blogger.  We found that things we posted didn’t show up or showed up twice.  When we deleted them the duplicate they would both be deleted.  If we were to do it again we probably wouldn’t use blogger but we’re still happy how it came out.

Here’s the link:


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