Semester Project – Eduardo & Nataly

As foreigners in the U.S., Eduardo and I have noticed that people have little to no knowledge about Nicaragua and if they do know about it, their opinions are solely based on old traditional ideas due to the shady historical and political upheaval of the country. We felt like Nicaragua has become a somewhat divergent country, given that it is rarely included in mainstream international affairs because of its political and economic stands. Therefore, we wanted to make our blog approachable and contemporary to begin familiarizing people with facts about the country and the people, because there is so much more to Nicaragua than what people assume.

The content of the blog posts have a wide range of topics. Some were inspired by personal experiences. We have had people ask ridiculous questions and assume things that are far from truth, so we aimed to enrich their perceptions about our country and culture. We also asked people what intrigued them or what they wanted to know about Nicaragua. Thus, most of the blog posts ended up being about touristic attractions and activities you can engage in while visiting.

We aimed to write the blog posts in a conversational tone in order to engage the audience. We didn’t want our posts to be too factual or formal in nature; by that we mean, providing unbiased information given that Nicaragua is a politically sensitive country. Consequently, we focused on the aesthetic beauty of Nicaragua and its culture.

We complemented our posts with colorful photographs, varying from our personal collections to our friends’ social media feeds from back home (such as Instagram and Facebook) in order to provide an authentic portrayal of the present and currently developed country.

We are very much satisfied with the end product of our Semester Project. We have gotten positive feedback, both from our friends and followers who have witnessed what we wrote about firsthand, and also from those who are foreign to them. The universality and simplicity of the language and writing style is user-friendly to the readers.

Here’s the link to our blog: http://lakesnvolcanoes.tumblr.com/


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